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Boosting Your Landscaping with Beautiful Trees

Even a Texas winter can get people down. When you are used to scalding hot weather, a nice breeze can put you in an off mood. By enhancing your landscaping with some new trees, you can brighten up your yard and have a more enjoyable time outdoors while you wait for the weather to heat up to our Texas standards again!

Think About Bark Color

Deciduous trees look pretty boring in the winter but some of them stand out more. When choosing trees that will add interest year-round, choose trees that have different color bark than the rest of the trees in your yard and neighborhood. Trees such as the Quaking Aspen, Silver birch, and Sycamore Trees have white bark that really stands out.


Evergreens are not always an obvious choice for a place like Texas, but there are some Evergreens who do well in our area. Trees such as Live Oak, Monerrary Oak, and Water Oak will do pretty well in our area, lasting through heat waves as well. Homeowners often choose to landscape with Evergreens because they work well as windscreens and privacy fences. No matter which evergreen you choose, it will definitely boost your home’s curb appeal. sargent crabapple tree

Sargent Crabapple

The Sargent crabapple can fit in just about any size yard. It can grow to a height of 6–10 feet and a spread of 6–12 feet at maturity. This tree looks great in the spring and summer but it’s in the fall and winter when this tree shines. When all the leaves fall away it leaves the colorful red fruit to take the stage. Crabapple trees tend to hold onto their fruit well into the cooler months. These fruits can attract a wide range of songbirds, rabbits, deer, and foxes. It would be best to plant this type of tree in the cool-season of our state to ensure it can grow strong and survive when heatwaves come.

American Holly

American holly usually brings to mind memories of Christmas morning. But holly can be more than just a holiday decoration. Holly grows as a short tree that can reach 40-60 feet tall. The American Holly tree needs a partner of the opposite sex in order to produce its signature fruit. In the cool-season, its berries and leaves will stick around providing interest all season long. The berries attract quail, songbirds, grouse, and even wild turkeys.

Want to Take Care of the Trees That Already Brighten Your Landscaping? Call Lawns-4-U to Help Today!

The experts at Lawns-4-U are an incredible resource for helping out with the tree and shrub care that our clients need, and we can even recommend the best trees to plant in your area!

If you are ready to take on the task of boosting your curb appeal with trees for your landscaping, give us a call today! The Lawns-4-U team can be reached at 972-859-0658 by phone. Our clients can also give our contact page a visit for a virtual appointment. We also offer grub control, mosquito control, fire ant control, and overall lawn care to our customers as well!

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