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Expert Lawn Care in Plano, TX

Plano, TX is known for its barbecue, cowboy boots, rodeos, country music, and bluebonnet flowers. It’s also known for its southern charm and family atmosphere. Lawns-4-U is a local, family-owned lawn care service that prides itself on customer service, dedication, and quality. We want the residents and commercial properties residing in Plano, Texas to have a beautiful healthy lawn, free from pests and weeds.

Lawn Fertilization in Plano, Texas

<b>Lawn Fertilization in Plano, Texas</b>

Like us, grass needs food to survive. Fertilizer provides grass with a balanced diet of nutrients needed to stay healthy and continue to thrive. To ensure your grass gets the nutrients it needs, you want to invest in providing adequate fertilization for your lawn.

The three major nutrients that fertilizers provide are:

  • N: Nitrogen
  • P: Phosphorus
  • K: Potassium

The grass will require different nutrients depending on its grass type, time of the year, and current lawn conditions. This can be time-consuming and hard to manage. Why not hire a lawn care company to manage all of your lawn care needs. Lawns-4-U is the premier lawn care provider in Plano. With over 15 years of experience, we know Plano lawns and will ensure your yard gets the appropriate nutrients needed, applied at specified times of the year.

Common Lawn Problems in Plano

<b>Common Lawn Problems in Plano</b>

A lawn that has been properly fertilized and cared for is much better prepared to deal with common problems such as weeds, drought stress, excess heat, and lawn disease. There are several common problems that typically affect our Plano lawns.

Properly fertilizing and caring for your lawn will assist your lawn in dealing with iron chlorosis, drought, and other common lawn problems that may occur. Learn more about the Lawns-4-U 8-Step Treatment Lawn Care Program and allow us to provide you with a robust, luscious, green lawn. Call us at 214-718-0490 for more information or contact us. For more tips on lawn care, weed control, pest management, and more, check out our blog.

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