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Lawns-4-U Proudly Provides Lawn Care Services for Rockwall, Texas

<b>Lawns-4-U Proudly Provides Lawn Care Services for Rockwall, Texas</b>

With over 15 years of experience, Lawns-4-U understands the different types of grass, weeds, and pests that live and thrive in the Dallas and Rockwall areas. Why leave your prized landscape up to chance? Call in the professionals at Lawns-4-U, and we will take care of all your landscaping needs including, lawn fertilization, tree and shrub care, and elimination of lawn damaging weeds. There are plenty of weeds to look out for in Texas, some harder to control than others.

The broadleaf weed, henbit, blooms in early spring and has rounded leaves and notched edges. It is purple at the very top of the plant and grows every inch or so on a square stem. One way to reduce the spread of henbit is through mowing your lawn at the right height and through fertilization. Lawns-4-U has the right fertilization program designed just for you. Contact us to learn more.

Three Weeds Wreaking Havoc on Our Texas Lawns Include:

<b>Three Weeds Wreaking Havoc on Our Texas Lawns Include:</b>

Most people recognize the dandelion for it’s bright, sunlike color. Although they will grow in almost any condition, dandelions prefer acidic soil. The spread of dandelions can be reduced through regular lawn maintenance.

Once this invader starts growing, there may be no stopping it! This weed has a rapid growth rate and quickly takes up large areas of your lawn. When thistle is young, it is purple, and the leaves have long spines on them. It has hairy jagged edges and seems to be loved by butterflies and other insects. If you have a problem with thistle in your yard, Lawns-4-U can help.

Prevention and Treatment for Texas Weeds

Proper weed control can help to promote strong, healthy roots and a durable,
rich lawn. Lawns-4-U works hard to keep your Texas lawns weed-free. Our 8-step treatment program provides both a pre-emergent and post-emergent to prevent and control weed growth. Because additional weeds grow during the fall and winter, we also apply a broadleaf weed control during this time, to help combat this.

Learn more about our 8-step treatment program or contact us now at 214-718-0490.

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