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Lawns-4-U Provides Superior Grub Control

<b>Lawns-4-U Provides Superior Grub Control</b>

Lawns-4-U recommends preventative grub control service to ensure these pesky insects never get the chance to damage your lawn. We offer treatment that will take the preventative measures necessary to ensure your yard remains green, healthy, and beautiful in every season!

What Are Grubs?

Lawn grubs are the larvae of scarab beetles. They are tiny, hard-to-find c-shaped critters that can cause massive damage to your yard. They lay their eggs in your lawn, burying them deep beneath the soil surface in the spring. When the eggs hatch, these hungry insects tunnel just below the surface and feed on your lawn’s roots.

What Do Grubs Do To Your Lawn?

A huge infestation of these underground pests can cause large areas of unsightly brown patches, soft spongy grass, and wilting grass. Grubs can also lead to turf damage caused by small and medium-sized animals, like skunks, raccoons, and moles who eat them. In just a short amount of time, an infestation of grubs can often result in a costly and time-consuming lawn renovation.

Signs Your Lawn Has Grubs

<b> Signs Your Lawn Has Grubs</b>
  • Irregular, brown patches appearing in random spots on your lawn
  • Soft, spongy grass that pulls up easily
  • An increase in activity of raccoons, moles, and birds digging in your turf
  • Grub sightings

To check for sure that grubs are living in your turf, use a shovel to dig up a section of your lawn where you suspect these pests are. Make sure to check a few spots. If you see white grubs in the soil, don’t wait, call the experts at Lawns-4-U, and we’ll come out for an inspection. Our grub control experts will target and treat existing grubs, saving your lawn from long-term damage while treating your yard for any damage that has already occurred.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Grubs?

Lawns-4-U offers a grub prevention and elimination program that offers homeowners a quick and highly effective solution. Our cost-effective grub control program works as a grub worm killer and will immediately reduce or completely eradicate the population of grubs in your lawn. In addition to grub control, we also offer lawn care, tree and shrub care, fire and ant control, and mosquito control. For all your lawn care needs, you want the experts at Lawns-4-U.

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