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Lawn Care in McLendon-Chisholm 

Lawns-4-U is a full-service lawn care company serving McLendon-Chisholm with exceptional service for twenty years. Your yard is one of the most important parts of your home so it is our goal to make it look its best. We do this by providing honest, hard work, and there is nothing more important to us than the quality of our services. 

Lawn Care

We’ve got everything you need to create the lawn of your dreams. We have the team and the experience to turn your landscape into the most prized yard on the block with our 8-step lawn 

professional applying pre emergent weed spraycare program that includes fertilization, weed control, and pest control.

Our unique 8-step lawn care program is designed for the particular climate of our area as well as for common local weeds and pests. Our lawn treatments include a balanced fertilizer with pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to ensure your lawn remains weed-free. Insecticides are also applied as needed to get rid of damaging insects.

Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs require different care than your turf. We have two decades of experience dealing with the types of insects and diseases that can destroy them. This experience makes us Texas’ best choice for when you need healthy trees and shrubs. Our seven-step tree and shrub care program is developed specifically to promote healthy growth. 

We protect your trees and ornamentals from common problems such as.

  • Disease
  • Pests
  • Heat and drought stresses

Our 7-Round Treatment Plan

  • Round 1: Controlling scale and overwintering insects and mites with horticulture oil.
  • Round 2: Spring feeding helps your plants recover from winter stress and promote color and vigor.
  • Round 3: By protecting early spring foliage, we reduce disease impact.
  • Round 4: We treat and control insects and diseases during the summer to prevent pest damage.
  • Round 5: We treat in late summer for insects and diseases.
  • Round 6: Fall feeding maximizes nutrient storage for winter and promotes growth in spring.
  • Round 7: We apply horticultural oil in late fall to kill scale and wintering insects before they damage your trees.

Grub Control

A lawn grub is actually the larval stage of scarab beetles such as June Bugs or Japanese beetles. It is difficult to find these tiny c-shaped critters in your yard, but their damage can be devastating. Eggs are laid in your lawn in the spring and buried deep beneath the soil surface. As soon as the eggs hatch, these hungry insects tunnel just beneath the surface and eat the roots of your lawn.

Brown patches, soft spongy grass, and wilted grass can result from a large infestation of these underground pests. Grubs also attract animals, such as birds, skunks, raccoons, and moles which dig up your lawn in search of a quick meal. Without intervention, a grub infestation can quickly lead to a time-consuming and expensive lawn renovation.

Signs Your Lawn Has Grubs

  • Irregular, brown patches on your lawn
  • Soft, spongy grass that rolls up like a carpet
  • Mole activity
  • Birds, skunks, and other animals digging up the lawn

If you are experiencing a grub infestation, don’t wait, call the experts at Lawns-4-U, and we’ll send out one of your trained experts to assess your property and come up with the best solution.

Mosquito Control 

The best part about McLendon-Chisholm is enjoying our yards in the summer. The worst part is sharing your space with annoying, blood-thirsty mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can quickly send all your guests running indoors to safety. 

Mosquitos are also known to be carriers of deadly diseases such as Zika or EEE.

At Lawns-4-U we want you to enjoy your backyards the way they were meant to be. We offer fast and effective mosquito control to eliminate these pests. With our mosquito control program, a trained technician will spray your yard with a perimeter pest control spray that eliminates mosquitoes and prevents them from coming back for 21 days. 

Fire Ant Control 

Anyone who has lived in Texas long knows what a fire ant sting feels like. Fire ants may be small but they aren’t messing around. These aggressive insects will defend their colonies with their lives and attack anything or anyone that comes too close. That includes curious pets and children.

Fire ants are no joke and should be taken very seriously. If you notice fire ants living in your yard, call a professional fire ant exterminator immediately. Not only are they a health hazard to your pets and family, but they can also destroy plants, damage utility equipment, and create ugly mounds on your lawn. 

At Lawns-4-U we offer a blanket treatment for fire ant control that will eliminate these pests from your lawn. Our effective treatment is guaranteed to keep fire ants out of your yard for up to a year. 

Call The Pros At Lawns-4-U For All Your Lawn Care Needs 

We can assess your lawn’s condition, identify any problems, and devise a plan for recovery. In addition, we can prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Give us a call at 972-859-0658 for more info or leave a message on our website.

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