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Lawns-4-U Proudly Provides Lawn Care Services for Forney, Texas

<b>Lawns-4-U Proudly Provides Lawn Care Services for Forney, Texas</b>

Maintaining a healthy lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood can take time and is not always easy to achieve. That’s why the owner, Ronald Coker, began his lawn care company over 15 years ago. As Texas’s premier lawn care company, our highly trained technicians know Texas lawns. In Forney, we have several different types of grass. The two most popular are St. Augustine and Bermuda.

The Most Popular Grasses in Forney, Texas


Bermuda grass is a common drought-resistant grass that can survive the extreme temperatures often seen in Texas. It is a popular choice for many sports fields, parks, and golf courses and it can withstand heavy foot traffic. It prefers full sun, and can easily be planted from grass seed. Its roots can grow up to five feet deep, allowing it to thrive during times of heavy drought.

Best Practices for Maintaining Bermuda Lawns
The first mowing of the season should only be done after the danger of a hard freeze has passed. At this time, you should set your mower to lower than normal to remove as much dead top-growth as possible. Don’t mow below half an inch, or you could damage the plant. Once the lawn has turned completely green, you can go back to mowing it at the standard height of two inches.

Bermuda grass grows best when it is appropriately maintained. Besides keeping it well-maintained through mowing, proper fertilization, and weed control, core aeration done during the appropriate season will help to ensure your Bermuda grass stays durable and healthy and maintains that emerald green color. Lawns-4-U can help. Allow us to ensure your Bermuda grass gets the proper care and treatment it deserves.

St. Augustine

<h3>St. Augustine</h3>

Looking for a grass that doesn’t require a ton of sun and will hold its distinct green color all year long? Then St. Augustine grass is for you. St. Augustine grass is a southern favorite. While it is not very drought or cold tolerant and not typically used for sports fields or golf courses, it is highly popular amongst residents. This is because it grows into a beautiful light to dark green color, and it’s blades are distinguishable by their wider size.

St. Augustine Grass; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
There are several benefits to St. Augustine grass, including its high shade tolerance, and its ability to go dormant when the soil temperature falls below 55 degrees. However, St. Augustine has a poor wear tolerance and offers a coarse, hard texture. It’s not drought-resistant and is subject to several diseases, including the St. Augustine decline, a virus that can persist for years and severely weaken the grass.

We can help you care and maintain your St. Augustine lawn. Lawns-4-U has over 15 years of experience protecting, treating, and beautifying lawns in Forney and the surrounding areas. Contact us now and learn more about our lawn treatment programs.

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