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As the premier lawn care service in Texas, Lawns-4-U understands the different grasses, weeds and pests that live in our beautiful state. We are a local, family-owned company offering superior lawn care services, excellent customer service and dedication to quality.

Stop Grubs From Making Your Grass Their Next Lunch!

Stop Grubs From Making Your Grass Their Next Lunch!

Does your McKinney lawn portray irregular, brown patches in random spots throughout your lawn? Have you been seeing an increase in the number of raccoons, moles, and birds digging in your yard? If so, you may have grubs. Grubs are tiny critters that can do massive damage to your lawn. They lay their eggs in your grass and bury them deep beneath the surface. When the eggs hatch in the spring, they tunnel just below the surface and feed on the tender roots of your grass. This causes your grass to begin to thin, yellow, and die.

When grubs are present in your yard, it’s only a matter of time before other pests show up. Moles, raccoons, skunks, and birds all find grubs appetizing and can smell them from a long-distance away. Moles create even more damage to your turf by digging long tunnels under your grass as they forage for grubs. Tunnels made by moles can raise the ground and make it soft and squishy when you step on it. Molehills are dangerous to both your lawnmower blades and can suffocate the grass underneath.

Don’t allow these pests to wreak havoc on your lawn. Lawns-4-U provides a grub prevention and elimination program for our McKinney customers. Our preventive measures will ensure your yard remains green, healthy, and beautiful all year long.

Protect Your Family and McKinney Lawn From the Threat of Fire Ants

Protect Your Family and McKinney Lawn From the Threat of Fire Ants

Any resident of McKinney already knows about the unseen threat of fire ants. These pests can spring up in your yard overnight in the form of large dirt mounds. They dig underground tunnels that can stretch as far as twenty-five feet. Each mound houses from 200,000 to one million ants. The dirt these insects produce winds up on the surface of your grass where it smothers and suffocates it preventing it from receiving sunlight, air, or water. As the colony of fire ants grows, the ants also feed on the delicate roots of your grass causing it to yellow and die on the surface.

Not only can fire ants cause extensive damage to your lawn, but they also have a painful bite. Bites can cause localized itching and swelling that lasts for several days. While it’s rare, a bite from a fire ant can cause an allergic reaction to its venom. And unlike the sting of a honey bee, fire ants can sting multiple times.

Lawns-4-U’s blanket treatment for fire ant control will stop the spread of fire ants throughout your McKinney lawn. We have years of experience dealing with fire ants. Our effective treatment is guaranteed to control and prevent fire ants for one full year. Don’t live with the threat of this dreadful barbarian. Contact us now and learn more about our treatment program.

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Lawns-4-U can assess your lawn’s situation, determine any problems that exist and devise a plan for recovery. We can also help prevent problems from occurring. Call us at 214-718-0490 for more information or contact us now. For more tips on lawn care, weed control, pest management and more, check out our blog.

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