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Late Summer Fertilizer: How To Help Your Lawn In The Homestretch

We’re in the last solid month of summer, and that means your lawn needs a special dose of nutrients to make through the fall. Many homeowners are good about fertilizing their turfgrass in the spring but fall off the bandwagon as the season progresses. Unfortunately, this can leave your lawn in a weakened state as the growing cycle winds down in preparation for fall. At Lawns-4-U, we deliver all the essential nutrients your lawn needs at this crucial time with high-quality fertilizer. hand with nitrogen fertilizer in garden

Why Fertilizer In Late Summer Is Essential

Keep Up Nutrient Levels

Your turfgrass needs three macronutrients to thrive: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. Many homeowners opt for water-soluble fertilizers because they are fast-acting and produce immediate results. Unfortunately, this means that your lawn might have already burned through the nutrients you laid down in spring. Our lawn care program will restore these vital minerals.


Nitrogen fertilizer helps with rapid growth, which is ideal for adding to lawns in spring and kickstart the growing season. However, your lawn will need a booster shot of nitrogen if you want it to make it through the cooler temperatures. Nitrogen also helps with leaf development, chlorophyll formation, and photosynthesis. Nitrogen in fertilizer comes in two different forms: slow-release and quick-release.

Fast-Release nitrogen fertilizer will provide a quick response and is more affordable than other fertilizer choices. However, it may cause a large flush of growth, and if not applied evenly, you could see uneven growth. It can also burn grass if you over-apply and then dissolve rapidly into the soil, so you may need to reapply it in a month. Slow-release, also known as controlled-release, creates a more uniform growth, is less likely to burn the grass, and won’t dissolve quickly. These types tend to be more pricy and may not produce as fast of a result. Each of these fertilizers has pros and cons, but it’s best to go with a slow-release fertilizer for late summer.


Phosphorous is needed for early root growth, seed formation and helps grass reach maturity more quickly. Mature grass is more likely to tolerate dips in temperature and withstand onslaughts from broadleaf weeds and insects.


Potassium toughens up grass – something we need in Texas. We experience frequent droughts and heatwaves, and keeping a balanced potassium level in your lawn will help your grass regulate its processes and boost the grass’s tolerance to stress and drought. Potassium also aids with root growth and stem development.


Micronutrients are just as important as macronutrients, but your grass needs lesser amounts than the macronutrients. These minerals are boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, and zinc. Like the macronutrients, they assist your grass with processes like chlorophyll production, photosynthesis, DNA synthesis, disease resistance, and more.

Types of Fertilizer

At Lawns-4-U, we use both granular and liquid forms of fertilizer.


Granular fertilizer gives you more control over the nourishment of your lawn and is considered the slow-release type.


Liquid fertilizer will green up your lawn quickly and simulate that first gorgeous greening that happens in spring. Generally, they are less expensive than other forms. We’ll mix it in with water so your lawn will get a nice dose of hydration and nutrients at the same time! professional weed spraying in yard

Be sure to ask your lawn care technician which option is the best choice for your lawn!

Weed Control

Aside from replenishing any nutrients lost throughout the season, a solid fertilization program also requires weed control service. After all, you don’t want to fertilize weeds and have them grow. Our lawn care services technicians use a pre-emergent weed control product while they fertilize the lawn in late summer and early fall. Pre-emergent products, as the name suggests, targets weeds before they germinate. This is especially important for Texas lawns because we don’t experience the typical freezing temperatures and snowfall that our northern neighbors do. Our milder winters give broadleaf weeds a chance to sprout all year long. Lawns-4-U uses “selective weed control,” which means it won’t harm your turf grass. We’ll also use post-emergent products if any weeds made it through the first round of weed control.

Find A Lawn Maintenance Company Near Plano

Save yourself the time and effort of shopping around for the best late summer fertilizer and let the experts at Lawns-4-U. For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners across North Texas achieve healthier, weed-free lawns. It’s still not too late to give your lawn a solid dose of fertilizer before the cooler fall weather sets in. Take advantage of our 8-step lawn care program – call 972-859-0658 or leave us a message online. Don’t forget to check our blog next month for more helpful articles.

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