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The 8-Step Lawn Care Program to The Lawn of Your Dreams

Lawn care in Texas is more year-round than in other states. Honestly, we can probably all agree that it is part of what makes Texas such a great place to live. Because of our hot weather and lack of snow, we really should be focusing on lawn care 100% of the time. While other snow-ridden states are struggling to prepare their lawns for harsh and cold weather, we get to work towards the perfect lawn almost all year long.

The way that Lawns-4-U does lawn care does just that. Our eight-step care program works overtime to ensure that the hot weather doesn’t get the best of our lawns. While the sun does wonders for our turf and professional applying pre emergent weed spray gardens, it can cause some damage if we are not properly caring for our outdoor spaces. Follow along in this blog to see how our program is superior and can serve the people of Forney, Rockwall, Plano, Frisco, and McKinney.

Let’s Start With Warm-Season Needs

The Beginning of Spring

A liquid application is needed in this instant. To control winter grasses, we focus on pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control applications. The grasses we aim to target with this application are henbit, chickweed, and other broadleaf weeds.

Spring Has Sprung

When we have reached this point, Lawns-4-U applies a liquid or granular slow-release fertilizer. What this will do is create that always-green vibe that you have been striving toward while working on your lawn. If there are weeds that got through the last application, this is when we will spot control them.

The Beginning of Summer 

Now, this is about where we are at this time of year. So if this is where you are starting, no worries – your turf can still be helped. If you missed your first round of slow-release fertilizer, you can start with your first one at this point. You will also want to keep an eye out for any weeds that need to be controlled here as well.


Our summer application consists of a liquid treatment of pre-and post-emergent weed controls that control winter grasses, chickweed, broadleaf weeds, and henbit.

Getting Into The Cool-Season Needs

Early Fall

While we don’t have to worry about snow most of the time, we still have to worry about the early-germination of winter grasses and broadleaf weeds. So what we will do in this instance is treat grass with pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control applications.

Late Fall

This time we know it’s important to treat with liquid applications. We will do a second round of weed control for early-germinating winter grasses and broadleaf weeds. broadleaf weed on lawn


We all know a Texas winter is unlike any other. This is why we start to prepare for the winter grass controls like henbit, chickweed, and other broadleaf weeds. It’s not your general application, it will actually be preparing it for the springtime.

Lawns-4-U Can Help Take Care of Your Turf This Summer

Are you looking for the perfect lawn that is weed-free but is also full, green, and luscious? Well, you have come to the right space. Lawns-4-U will ensure you have the lawn that you have always desired this summer. Our background and experience with Texas lawns allow us to serve you better than you might think! With the pandemic coming to an end, you will want to show off your home now more than ever before.

Don’t let the time you have neglected your lawn over the pandemic be what people are talking about this year. We know you want to get out and about now, and even host people at your own place  – we would like you to have that option again. Our team understands that you would rather take some time to enjoy your beautiful yard than figure out a DIY way to tackle weeds and fertilize properly.

So let us take care of it for you! Our clients can give us a call at 972-859-0658 for a phone conversation. If you would like to contact us online, head over to our contact page and fill out a form – we will get back to you ASAP. Our team will get back to you shortly!

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